Sheltered in the rainshadow of the Beaufort Mountain Range on Vancouver Island, Denman has one of the best climates in all of Canada. With an annual 48 inches of rain, and fertile soil, dry sunny summers and mild winters, this place is a gardener’s paradise.

view from Denman Island’s newest Provincial Park towards the Beaufort Mountain Range on Vancouver Island

Featuring sandy beaches, rocky coves, lush forests and open, rolling pastures, Denman Island provides ample opportunity for outdoor adventure. The parks and nature reserves feature plenty of hiking trails and beachfront suitable for swimming, kayaking or fishing. The Island’s bird, deer, otters, mink and beaver population is prolific. The eagles alone offer endless opportunity for observation and enjoyment. Orcas and seals are frequently to be observed from the shore.

roaming in nature: new places

At 1364 acres in size, this park is both the newest and largest of the parks on the Island. Comprising second-growth and recovering forests, it also includes the Chickadee Lake watershed and areas important for a number of species at risk, including the Taylor’s Checkerspot butterfly. Endless pathways through marshlands, forests, meadows and other habitat are loved by bird watchers, cyclists, and hikers alike.

Chickadee Lake is the crown jewel of the Denman Island Provincial Park, and a favourite local swimming spot

This 3-acre park is strategically located at THE POINT ON DENMAN ISLAND. It provides both magnificent views and a staircase access to the two-kilometer beach walk to Sandy Island Marine Park at low tide.

the stairs at Morning Beach Park provide both stunning views and great exercise

This 464-acre park, located at the southern tip of Denman Island, is an excellent place for hiking and eagle watching. During the spring herring run, one can observe literally hundreds of bald eagles fishing for a meal. Visible from Boyle Point is the Chrome Island lighthouse.

This 56-acre park is located on the east side of Denman Island and features both peaceful beaches and some of the largest Douglas firs on the island. There are some beautiful walking trails through the trees and camping is also available here, although advance booking is usually required.

a network of protected areas

covers 25% of Denman Island

In addition to these provincial parks, more than 664 acres of land, trails, lakes and wetlands are protected on Denman Island through regional and local conservation groups.