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We all have dreams about how or where we want to enjoy our lives: urban buzz or rural tranquility, communal living with the neighbours or remote privacy in a forest. Sometimes we don’t know precisely what we are looking for until we are standing upon it. Connecting with a place is a magic feeling of being home.

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As island real estate agents and long-time residents, we take the time to get to know you and your ideals, so we can better meet your needs. More than just helping you make decisions about the present, we help you plan for the future. We can share our own perspective on island living here on the Gulf Islands, which we have come to love calling our home. Provide us with the parameters, and we will engage in the search process together, using all of our professional experience, skills, knowledge and patience in the process.

with your RE/MAX local realtor

Here are some of the things RE/MAX The Islands can do for you:

Explain the Agency Relationship in full detail and why it is important to you

Organize showing tours of homes on Denman Island, Hornby Island and/or Vancouver Island that meet your needs and desires, selected from all island listings available at any given time

Keep a lookout for properties with features that you desire and inform you immediately of new or upcoming listings of property in your search category

Keep you up to date through our (optional) e-mail newsletter featuring new listings, homes sales, island real estate trends, community events and other information of interest

Discuss financing options for your property purchase and refer you to local mortgage brokers

Explain, prepare and present your Offer to Purchase and act as your representative during the negotiation process until agreement of a satisfactory price has been reached

Help you obtain legal and/or accounting advice and other professional services for your real estate transaction and your relocation