The beauty of the natural environment of Hornby has earned it the moniker “Hawaii of the North” while also contributing to the ecological and real estate values of this gem of an island. Natural grasslands, rich in rare wildflowers, are found in rocky, exposed areas near the shoreline and above the coastal bluffs.

The waters around Hornby support a large diversity of marine life, including sponges, anemones, sea stars, crabs and a wide variety of fish.

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The Hornby-Denman area is the site of the largest and most consistent herring spawn in British Columbia. This spawning is important to numerous species, including Stellar and California sea lions, the estimated 10,000 bald eagles that congregate here each spring and the West Coast’s largest concentration of Harlequin ducks.

The gorgeous Garry Oak grove is now a rarity:
Hornby’s Garry Oak meadows have enthralled
naturalists throughout history and today

rare ecological treasures

Helliwell Provincial Park is a 170-acre park with magnificent rock bluffs, meadows and pebble beaches. It provides some of the most dramatic vistas on any of the Gulf Islands – many make the gorgeous Helliwell loop their daily outing.

Tribune Bay 234 acre-park, with about 1 km of spectacular white sand beach, is hauntingly beautiful in winter and a favourite summer playground for all kinds of water sports.

Mt Geoffrey Escarpment Park has extensive areas of steep coastal bluffs, forested benches, wetland, and rugged shoreline, and protects habitat for a number of rare vegetation and wildlife species. The park is adjacent to Mount Geoffrey Regional Nature Park, and protected Crown land. Together they cover approximately 25% of Hornby Island.